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zaitoon city tulip overseas enclave payment plan 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Zaitoon City Lahore: Tulip Overseas Enclave

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Zaitoon City Lahore’s Tulip Overseas Enclave. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about this prestigious housing society. From its prime location and payment plans to the amenities and future prospects, we’ll cover it all. Let’s dive in!


Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave Location

Zaitoon City Lahore’s Tulip Overseas Enclave is strategically located in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. Situated near the renowned Raiwind Road, this housing society enjoys excellent connectivity to major landmarks and transportation hubs. With its proximity to important areas such as Thokar Niaz Baig and Lahore Ring Road, residents can easily access the city’s key attractions and business centers.

The Zaitoon city is Located on main Canal Bank Road. The distance from other prominent places is following.

  • 10 minutes’ drive from Shahkam Flyover
  • 15 minutes’ drive from Ferozepur Road
  • 20 minutes’ drive from Motorway interchanges
  • 25 minutes’ drive from DHA Lahore
  • 30 minutes’ drive from Lahore Airport
  • 6 minutes’ drive from Lahore Ring Road

Payment Plan 2023

When considering an investment in real estate, understanding the payment plan is crucial. Tulip Overseas Enclave offers a flexible payment plan that caters to the diverse needs of potential buyers. The payment plan for 2023 consists of several options, allowing investors to choose the most suitable approach based on their financial preferences. Whether you prefer a lump-sum payment or an installment plan, Zaitoon City Lahore has options to accommodate your requirements.

  • 3 Marla – PKR 2,250,000
  • 5 Marla – PKR 3,750,000
  • 7 Marla – PKR 4,800,000


zaitoon city tulip overseas enclave payment plan 2023

Amenities and Facilities

Zaitoon City Lahore’s Tulip Overseas Enclave offers a host of world-class amenities and facilities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. The developers have taken great care to create an environment that promotes a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Some of the notable amenities include:

1. Gated Community with 24/7 Security

Safety is a top priority at Tulip Overseas Enclave. The housing society is a gated community with round-the-clock security measures in place. The presence of trained security personnel and advanced surveillance systems ensures a secure living environment for all residents.

2. Parks and Green Spaces

To provide a serene and refreshing atmosphere, Tulip Overseas Enclave features well-maintained parks and green spaces. These areas offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life, allowing residents to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities with their families.

3. Sports Facilities

For sports enthusiasts, Tulip Overseas Enclave has an array of sports facilities, including tennis courts, cricket pitches, and jogging tracks. These amenities encourage an active lifestyle and provide opportunities for residents to engage in various sports and recreational activities.

4. Educational Institutions

To cater to the educational needs of residents, Zaitoon City Lahore has incorporated top-tier educational institutions within the housing society. This ensures that children have easy access to quality education, saving commuting time and providing a convenient learning environment.

5. Commercial Areas

Tulip Overseas Enclave boasts well-designed commercial areas that cater to the daily needs of residents. From shopping centers and grocery stores to restaurants and entertainment venues, everything is within reach, promoting convenience and a vibrant community lifestyle.

Future Prospects

Investing in Zaitoon City Lahore’s Tulip Overseas Enclave is not only a wise decision for the present but also promises excellent future prospects. The continuous development and planned infrastructure projects in the vicinity contribute to the growth potential of this housing society. As the area flourishes, property values are expected to appreciate, providing investors with attractive returns on their investment.


In conclusion, Zaitoon City Lahore’s Tulip Overseas Enclave offers an exceptional living experience with its prime location, flexible payment plans, world-class amenities, and promising future prospects. Whether you are looking for a secure investment or a dream home for your family, this housing society ticks all the boxes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this thriving community. Contact us today for more information and take the first step towards an elevated lifestyle.

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